Jeff Jung

Turning Point Financial, LLC, was founded in 2016 by Jeff Jung as part of a joint venture with Rauner & Associates, P.C.  After a 26-year career in corporate finance and a resurgent career in public accounting, Jeff saw an opportunity to use his experience to compliment the tax offerings of Rauner & Associates with financial planning and investment management services to provide a more comprehensive financial offering to their clients. “I saw a number of tax clients who were led by their investment managers to high-fee/commission-driven investment products rather than focusing on products that best served the client.  Turning Point was established as an independent, fee-only investment advisor. That means we’re free to choose the product that best meets the need of each client.” –Jeffrey Jung. As part of the quest to provide a low-cost environment for its clients, Turning Point typically uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to represent various assets classes.  With the advantage of added liquidity, these funds provide a diverse range of investment opportunity. Turning Point can provide you an individually tailored portfolio that strives to meet your financial objectives while attempting to minimize the impact fees have on your return.  Contact us today.  We’d love to spend some time getting to know you.